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Application for Metis Card

Voyageur Metis registry is for families of the Detroit River region and surrounding areas (traditionally known as "Muskrats"). Please be prepared to prove your ancestry is from our communities when you apply (your ancestors lived in the French Canadian - Metis communities surrounding the historic Detroit area from before about 1920.)

To apply, please download and print out the
Metis Status Card Application How to Apply for Metis Card omfrc Forms to download What are the Requirements for Proof of Native Ancestors

Please call for any questions or if you need assistance with application --

If you don't have a phone plan, we can call you back.


Even if you are not part of our registry or area, and you need help proving your native line, our researchers can do a search for records to try to prove your native ancestry for a minimum fee. Our research group is the ONLY organization that provides you with all the results of this search so you know who your ancestors are and can share this information with your family. Our researchers each have extensive experience with genealogy, old script, and speak and read French.


    Copies of all legal documents to prove your Native American bloodline, for each generation between yourself and that ancestor --

    All records must contain the parents' names for each person in the ancestral line

    Our registry requires copies of baptism and marriage records for each person in the line. If you cannot find all the documents to fulfill this requirement, please contact us.
    Please do not send original documents.

    People born within 100 years that do not have a legal record of their birth or baptism need to obtain a long form birth certificate themselves. The long form birth certificate lists the parents' names and can be ordered from the municipal records archives where they were born (ex. Service Ontario online).

    Each applicant must submit a copy of government-issued photo ID - either their health card or their driver's license.

    Photo of applicant (showing their full face) - photo booth or digital photos are acceptable, so long as they are large enough, head and shoulders with a plain background, light source shining on face, and the person can be easily identified (at least 300 ppi and 1.5 x 2 inches in size)

    Because cost of passport photos is an issue with some of the people in our communities, we will accept photos taken using a cellphone or digital camera (selfie type), but they must adhere to the following guidelines, or they will be refused. Remember, the photo you submit must be usable for identification purposes. Please do not submit a photo that shows parts of people standing beside you.

    Photos must be accompanied by the signed declaration form included in the application.

    Application fee

Email application and accessory documents to us at:

Please do not send original documents, only send copies.

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