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What is Self-Identification?

For those who cannot prove your native ancestry, yet know you are Metis, this organization understands your frustration. We have many extended family members who, while biologically and/or culturally Metis, might never prove their ancestry, even if in most cases they may be very visibly Native people. We do not say they are not Metis, but generally they are described as
"self-identified". They are as biologically and/or culturally Metis as we are, and we know this because they are part of our family fabric and practiced a common culture, but we cannot give Metis Cards until their ancestor is proven. We will not exclude someone from our cultural community just because they can't prove who they are, but we will be on the lookout for proof and share knowlege of Native American ancestors. This is another reason for our organization. Even if you can't prove it, we might be able to.

If you need help with your family tree, our researchers can do a search for your Native ancestry for a minimum fee.

Proof can come in many forms, not just church records, that can help us determine if someone is Native American, but all proof comes from legal documentation. Our organization has an affiliated group of professional genealogists that are expert researchers, can read old French script, are seasoned at navigating records, and speak and read French. what is self-identification

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Metis self-identification

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