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Voyageur Metis - Contact Us

Call for any questions or if you need assistance with application.

phone number

or send us an email to one of the following addresses:

email address how to contact us


If you have cultural items to share, such as photos, videos, recipes, other information, stories or articles, please contact us and we will consider sharing it via our Facebook page.


To apply for registration and Metis status, please download and print out the


fill out the information required, sign it, scan the form and other documented proof,
then send them back to us at one of the following addresses:

application form

The communities we represent (historically the Detroit River Region Muskrats) are located in Southwestern Ontario but our main office is near Ottawa Ontario. Please send any correspondence by regular mail to:

how to apply for Metis status

If you need assistance with your family tree, our researchers can search for records to prove your Native ancestry, for a minimum fee. The money generated from this research funds our organization, registry, festival and other activities.

Once we have received your request and are ready to process it, we will send an invoice via PayPal to the email account associated with your request. The PayPal invoice can be easily paid using either online banking or a credit card.

We also accept personal cheques, but these will take 10 days to clear
before we start on your file. And of course snail mail takes time to arrive.

Sorry, we do not accept money orders or cash.

Our cards are professionally printed on pvc plastic, and have a special security watermark coating on the top clear layer so that they cannot be forged. (They are not laminated, they are thick plastic like the health card or driver's license card).

Besides giving you all the records and information we find, the back of the card also has QR codes that contain your native ancestral line and a description of the proof that is in our registry. This makes it easy for you to share with others in the family, and if anyone wants to verify your proof themselves, they can do this quickly by using the QR code information, since every entry listing an event, its date and place corresponds to a copy of the actual record for the event (baptism, marriage, etc.) that we have in our database.

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